9yr old boy who was chained & left to die, Makes Amazing recovery (See Photos )

Amazing transformation of  who was chained for months without food by father, stepmother

Below are pictures showing the amazing transformation of Korede Taiwo, the little boy who was rescued after he was chained up for months without food.

Korede was adopted by Mrs Funsho Amosun after he was rescued from the horrible condition which his father and stepmother placed him in.

He’s now reportedly chasing a dream of becoming a doctor.

Ovie ALi who shared the picture on Twitter said: “He was hungry and stealing food from his stepmother who won’t feed him, so he was chained by his pastor father to exorcise the spirit of stealing in him”.

He added: “His father is a pastor who said the child needed deliverance for stealing Eba and Soup after going without food for most afternoons. After his mum died, the father had shown little interest in his well-being, so sometimes he steals food to survive”.

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