‘I’m kissing and touching a white man at 18 while you’re still struggling with broke black guys’ — Lady brags

A Nigerian lady as taken to social media to brag about how she kisses and touches a white man at the age of 18, while other girls still struggle with broke black stingy guys.

The lady took to her facebook page to share loved up picture with her white lover saying; “I’m kissing and tiuching a white man at 18…u are still struggling with black girls/guys..please be wise..time wait for nobody, stingy boke guys…fools”

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8 Responses

  1. Cvbbb says:

    Inferiority complex. So what what so special about white man.

  2. Chris Idiong says:

    Upon the brag ure still looking unkept…

  3. Tee says:

    And that sounds like an amazing achievement to you? Ode lofeya. What impact are you creating for your generation that will make them see you’ve done something awesome for them? And go and intimidate your fellow brainless kind.

  4. Ezinne Emmanuel says:

    Is that an achievement

  5. thompson adekanmi says:

    this girl has no shame dat one na achievement for you aye omo yi ma ti baje

  6. He’s not that handsome. He may give you, but what do you DO to him in return?

  7. Olanike says:

    Go for your check up Sis. You’re infected 🤪

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