Nigerian woman narrates how lady was left heartbroken after she gave her mother’s savings to an Abuja man who professed love to her

A Twitter user stirred up a topic of conversation about Abuja men when she took to the platform to give the story of her sister’s friend who gave all her savings to an Abuja man only to end up with nothing.

Olivia —judging from her handle @theOliviaLife— apprised women to thread carefully when they have Abuja men professing love to them.

Olivia; who shared the story on Twitter

She stated that a majority of them are only waiting to “loan” money from women with no intention of returning it.

Olivia shared how the said lady who took the money her mother had saved for her to get a shop in Abuja and gave the whole money to a man who claimed to love her.

The said lover boy, didn’t pay her back but instead told her “to come and remove her pant from his house.

Olivia also went on to give her own personal experience with an Abuja man. Her tweets have since sparked a conversation on the platform with majority generalizing men from that region as infamous.

See tweets below,

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