Peter Psquare Owes Me Money For $ex -Slay Queen Cries out [See Photos]


Following the controversy surrounding the photos shared by a busty Nigerian woman inside a hotel where she was seen with Peter Okoye, the lady has come out to clear the air.

Jessica Nwachukwa
After photos of popular Nigerian musician Peter Okoye of Psquare with a busty and endowed Nigerian woman, Jessica Nwachukwa at a hotel in Imo state went viral with many people insinuating that the two were ‘into’ each other, Jessica has come out to explain more about what actually happened.
Some people had, after the photos went viral alleged that Peter and the woman may be having a secret sexual affair. But, nothing of that has been established as it is just mere rumours.
However, Jessica has decided to speak on the matter saying that she is just a friend to the musician and nothing more.
“I have tried to ignore all this attention seeking blogs. And the way they have tried twisting up the pictures I took with Peter of Psquare. Some jobless blogs and individuals have decided to turn it into something else.
“Saying all kinds of trash about a picture that was taken without any bad motive. I and Peter are just friends and nothing more. And he isn’t complaining about the pictures. So you all should look for something more productive and worthy to do with your time than trying to make something out of nothing; and stop tarnishing someone’s image…***( just to clear some Assholes)***” Jessica wrote.

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